Thursday, 27 April 2017

Dodge Charger SRT

We love this colour on the Charger. Combined with awesome decals and Mopar logo's, the model screams muscle. The blue rims are the perfect fit making this Hot Wheel one of the 'hottest'.

Dodge Li'l Express Truck

Without doubt our least favourite colour combo, however this truck remains one of our favourites. Great details and decals, this is a cracking model. 

'15 Dodge Challenger SRT

The Dodge Challenger SRT, this muscle car must be on everyone's wish list. This replica sports a cool silver paint job with simple black and orange decals. The red interior is a bit though don't you think?

Cadillac Elmiraj

The 'exotic' named Cadillac Elmiraj. A very sleek and 'classy' car that looks great in a simple paint job. The wheels are outstanding and the details are perfect. Also the interior is particularly well done by Hot Wheels.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Aisle Driver

The quirky and fun 'Aisle Driver'. Unsure whether to like this model or not, it is certainly different from the usual Hot Wheels.  Our little driver decided to pick up his own Hot Wheel.

Corvette C7 Z06

The American classic. Finished in canary yellow with blacked out wheels, this Corvette oozes muscle and speed. As always, great details all over the model.

Lamborghini Veneno

From the 'Exotics' series, here we have the awesome Lamborghini Veneno.  Finished in lime green with black decals, the details are fantastic. The front spoilers are inch perfect and the side scoops are really impressive. A great job from Hot Wheels.