Wednesday, 19 July 2017


OK, we know this is not a Hot Wheel model, but it is without doubt one of the coolest cars ever made. This particular car appeared at the local West Park UK car show and looked stunning. Valued at around £80k - £120k, the car is worth every penny. It was immaculate all over and the interior was exceptional. Dates from around 1956.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


This week's 'Name The Hot Wheel'.

: A small delivery vehicle that would make it's round's early in the morning.
: Chunky engine.
: Would need to drive carefully.
: Light metallic blue paint job.

Post answers on the site. Just for fun.  Good luck!


Winning Formula for the 'legends of speed' series. 
Is it a F1 car or Indy car, probably it is somewhere in between. Personally we prefer the 'Retro Racer' (see archive). The mustard colour is not to everyone's liking and the decals seem a little 'confused'. But look past the colour and it's a nice little race model that goes well on the track. The details are OK and the double 5 spoke wheels work well. 
What do you think?

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Fast Gassin' from the 'HW City Works' series.
Fifties style truck fitted with an outrageous set of chromed pipes, the truck sits low and has deep fenders that half cover the five spoke wheels. The orange and blue paint is very authentic and the decals are perfectly subtle. It is a very light model so it won't break any speed records on your tracks but still just looks cool.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


From the 'Art Car' series, Monster Dairy Delivery truck. Fun model, looks like an authentic 'monster truck'. Good details on the suspension and the paint job is very cool. Would like to see the model with a darker colour scheme though, this would add more to it's authenticity. The wheels are quirky and the suit the 'art' theme.

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Flash Drive from the 'legends of speed' series. This futuristic racer looks like a hybrid of a endurance car and the Batmobile. Looks really cool and is one of our favourite 'fictitious' models. Simple black paint with orange side frame and grey front and rear spoilers.  

Friday, 7 July 2017


Crate Racer from the 'Experimotors' series. A cool little 'truck' that has the quirky feature of a 'rocking' engine. The chromed engine moves side to side as the model is pushed forward. Finished in metallic green with simple yellow stripes and decals. The huge rear wheels give the model a 'tractor' look and the chunky five spoke front wheels are cool. Massive chromed engine is very eye catching.

Thursday, 6 July 2017


From the 'Speed Graphics' series, the Volkswagen Kafer Racer. 
Finished in a retro black, yellow and red paint, this classic car has been authentically reproduced by Hot Wheels. The yellow wheels stand out well and are the same on all colour variations. Great details, especially on the rear end. We love this retro racer in all colour, but black looks really cool. 
What do you think?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Rigor Motor from the 'Fright Cars' series.
We love the matt paint job on this 'spooky' model. It has nice details close up, including the small skull on the front of the engine and brilliant skull painting on the top of the 'cockpit'. Massive side exhaust pipes would make this car a little tricky to get in too, but still they look cool. A coffin for a cockpit is a spooky idea and the model is topped off nicely with grey and black double five spoke wheels.


Mean looking front with heavy duty bumpers.

                              Gets windy in the back!

Big chunky wheels.

                 Transparent engine cover.

Answers in the comments please. Just for fun!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


1968 El Camino from the 'Muscle Mania' series. Finished in a classic maroon with white, gold and black stripes. The stand out feature for us on this model is the wheels, the deep set spokes and white rims look incredible and we think Hot Wheels should use them on more muscle cars. The exposed, 'supersize' engine is well detailed and the interior is authentic. Great car!